Hello, my name is Eda. I’m an Action-Taker with several ventures under my portfolio ranging from implementing education workshops and launching an olive oil brand to founding my own sailing organisation. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Science and Technology from Karadeniz Technical University in 2006 and completed my master’s on New Media at Kadir Has University in 2012. I authored several scientific papers published on various platforms. I am confident new media can alter the paradigms of traditional education and hope a new framework can be applied on a national level. In my latest research, I assessed the level of compliance of the Turkish education system with the international standards of educational technology and evaluated the needs to create an environment of continuous and efficient learning through the use of innovative technologies. You can find more on this in the following link: khas.academia.edu/EdaÇağlar In 2008, I received additional professional training in the field of Leadership and Brand Management at the University of Central Florida. During this period, I did an internship at the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando. Since then, I have been passionate about the power of education to achieve goals and improve our society as a whole. In fact, domains such as digital Leadership, the Socratic method of learning, the use of social media, digital publishing, culture and the virtual identity in Cyberspace, and digital event management have captured my interest. Since then, I’ve put my expertise in New Media to improve education in schools and the learning experience as a whole. In 2013, I have founded and implemented workshops providing STEM-oriented education called Curiosity Science Workshops. The purpose was to introduce students scientific thinking skills through fun science activities. The goal is to improve problem-solving, multi-dimensional thinking and psychomotor skills of the participants. Additionally, digital contents about these workshops are regularly shared on social media platforms and blogs. This operation attracted increasing interest from schools and local municipality organisations. This contributed to the learning process by allowing us to perform outdoor trips into the wildlife and ocean. Most recenly, we offered leadership training for 12 children on Turkey’s first and only sail training ship. In 2016, I got a fellowship invitation from The Poynter Institute’s “NewsU Turkiye” seminar for journalism at St. Petersburg, FL. The event was organized in collaboration with Medya Derneği (Media Association of Turkey) and the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul. “NewsU Türkiye” is the adaptation and translation of Poynter Institute News University (NewsU) training modules in Turkey aiming to enhance journalism skills challenged by a constantly evolving digital media landscape. Poynter comprehensively provided the knowledge and skills that I needed on journalism approaches, blog publishing subtleties, social media strategies and comprehensive writing tools used in e-learning with given security tips for verifying the information in the digital age. With the increasing concerns on the rise of online misinformation, this experience was highly valuable.

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